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Bob Schul

February 1, 2012

Here’s an unedited post from Bob Schul on Letsrun:

I have not read the entire post so I will only answer what is misinformation. 1. No I did not go on long runs on Sunday. Every day, morning and night, were effort interval workouts and I never went further than 440 yards. I did do a 440 repeat workout starting in the Spring of 64 and it consisted of 20 x 440 with a 60 yard walk and a 60 yard jog back to the starting line. 3 in 60 seconds and the fourth in 58. On the 20th I ran all out and throughout the summer I always ran close to :54. Never over :54.5.

I call Igloi’s workout Effort-interval and yes I changed it some. Igloi had us jog on Wednesday’s and I never did once I had returned to Ohio to finish my college which was in September of 1963. I trained alone at 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Only once on Sunday.

Just talked to Jim Ryun and he told me he only ran 40 times 440 and they were run with the rest of the team. 10 in a set with a jog in between and they ran 72 seconds for each. Since 72 was jogging for him it must have been a boring workout.


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