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Angela Bizarri

February 10, 2012

Angela Bizarri tells Running Times that she has increased her mileage from a max of 55 in college to 65-70, with a couple weeks approaching 80 over the winter.

RT: After running relatively low mileage in your collegiate career at 55 miles a week, the expectation was that your mileage would go up as your transitioned to the professional ranks. Has that happened?

AB: Yeah, I’ve been running more. It’s not insanely more, but I’ve had periods — this winter I did one week at 80, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is crazy!” (laughs) In general, yeah, I’ve done more mileage than I did in college, and I have been excited. I’m a lot more aerobically stronger. I’ve done a lot this fall, being able to do a full year of training under Terrence has been nice, just because this fall I’ve built up a base, and got better at my aerobic and tempo/threshold-type runs. I think I’ve improved upon that, so I’m excited to see where that puts me coming into the spring.

RT: What’s your mileage in a typical week, in season?

AB: 65 to 70.


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