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Liliya Shobukhova

February 10, 2012

Here’s a really cool story on Liliya Shobukhova, perhaps the best female marathoner in the world right now, with a PR of 2:18:20.

Here’s her typical training week:

Mon: OFF or 6-9 miles easy

Tue: am: 500-1k repeats, mostly uphill; pm: 6-8 miles easy

Wed: am: 12-14 miles; pm: 9 miles + 10x100m uphill

Thu: 3 mi w/u + 14 miles at M+40 –> M+20 + 2 mi “very fast”

Fri: am: 12-14 miles + 10x100m uphill

Sat: am: interval session, such as 4x5k, 5x3k, or 7x2k, with 1:00-2:30 rest.  Last interval always the fastest.

Sun: 22 miles, including long uphills and downhills, last 2 miles the fastest.


“During a training cycle, she runs three weeks heavy (210-220 kilometers, or 130-135 miles) and one easy (180K, or 110 miles).”


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