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Galen Rupp & Mo Farah

February 24, 2012

This Sports Illustrated feature on Galen Rupp and Mo Farah reveals a few jaw-dropping indoor season workouts:

They ripped through an arduous training campaign, which Salazar plotted on sheets of white legal paper and kept in a wrinkled manila folder. Farah averaged roughly 120 miles per week in the heaviest cycles; Rupp, because he is younger, just over 100. They did 20-mile altitude runs together at 5:25-mile pace. They did eight 1,200-meter repeats on the Brigham Young track in an average of 3:09, with two minutes’ rest between. They did 15 repeats of 200 meters in 25 seconds each on a high school track in Park City, Utah (elevation 6,900 feet), with just a 100-meter recovery.


The 20-mile run is about HM+20%, assuming these guys can run a 59-flat HM.

The 8 x 1200 session was run at 13:08 5k pace, very close to race pace, and perhaps a shade quicker after factoring in the altitude.

The 15 x 200 session was done a shade slower than 400 race pace, which is unthinkable if they actually jogged the 100m recovery.

Salazar also talked about bumping up Farah’s (and Rupp’s) mileage:

Salazar will ask a little more of both men in the Olympic year. Farah’s mileage will increase to 125 per week, with another 20 on a HydroWorx underwater treadmill, adding volume while minimizing injury risk.

He also providing an interesting nugget about their speed:

Oddly, [Rupp] is faster than Farah, around 10.9 seconds for a running-start 100 meters versus 11.3 for Farah.




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