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Emma Coburn

July 13, 2012

Emma Coburn won the Steeple at the Olympic Trials.  She runs for Mark Wetmore at CU.  In this Runner’s World interview, she talks about her buildup for the Trials following cross country season:

In your long process without competitions, what, for example, is February like? Do you care about being sharp in the winter months? Do you even do anything like speedwork?
EC: Honestly, I can’t remember that long ago. After cross country, I took a long break, and December and January were just building up mileage.  And then January and February, I guess, would be little track sessions but nothing heroic. I probably didn’t start doing big difficult track sessions until late March or early April. It is interesting, because usually I’m doing an indoor season and I have to get sharp for the meets out in Seattle and I’m doing workouts to be able to run a fast mile.

And so it was a little weird to have my teammates go off and race and me still training, but I also didn’t realize how hard it is just to stay home and train, physically. When you’re racing, you taper for the big races, and even if you’re training through and not peaking for it, you probably lose 15 or 20 miles off your normal weekly mileage based on your travel and racing. I guess I kind of forgot that doing a long run every Sunday for nine months is difficult. It was obviously really helpful, but I love racing, I think it’s fun and I’m looking forward to that again … next February!

For a steeplechaser like you, what do the long runs tend to be?
EC: Shayala and I run 15 miles each Sunday.


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