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Treniere Moser

April 1, 2013

In a Runner’s World interview, Treniere Moser detailed some of the changes to her training under her new coach, Alberto Salazar:

With Alberto, I’m doing a lot more volume and the intensity is higher. I came from doing maybe 65 to 70 miles a week, and now I am 80 consistently.

The intense workouts are longer, and they are fast. … I’ll do 200s, but I’ll do a lot of them,” Moser continues. “And a lot more tempoing. And then longer intervals on any surface–grass, track. This past Friday I did 8 x 800. I used to do just five.

The biggest thing I like about Alberto is that form is huge with him

But strength for me, the weight room, was the biggest component missing.  I need to be strong and be able to hold myself up when it’s time to sprint. Your hips have to be high and you need to be able to drive your knees up.

I have fast-twitch muscles, which are key when it comes to running that last 100. I got away from that. I’d tried to do so much distance that I didn’t do much speed. Alberto knows that I have to maintain the speed work. Since I am doing the high mileage, he’ll also come down and do some quick stuff with me.


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