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Shalane Flanagan

April 12, 2013

In this interview, Shalane Flanagan compares her training for the upcoming Boston marathon to her buildup before the London Olympics:

I would say in my max training – the most I’ve ever put in for a buildup was for London (last year at the 2012 Olympics). Kara and I probably strung together – I’d have to look back to be sure – almost like eight weeks at 120 to 125 (miles per week). That was really impressive (Flanagan said with a laugh).

But I think it left both of us a little bit fatigued when we actually got to London. We learned a lot from that experience and felt like we didn’t have as much to give on race day so I felt like I needed to scale back just a hair so I maxed out (this time) at 116-117 like you said, but I’ve probably averaged closer to like 110 and I actually built in a few days off. I also actually did fewer workouts – we only did two workouts a week as compared to three – and I scaled back close to 10 miles (per week) some weeks as compared to my London buildup.


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