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Kara Goucher (Mark Wetmore)

December 19, 2013

In this Runner’s World interview, Kara Goucher talks about her upcoming training plans with her new coach, Mark Wetmore:

I’m keeping my mileage at 80.

the main goal is really to get my speed back and get back on the track. And kind of regain some youthfulness in my legs. The focus definitely throughout the spring and early summer will be on speed. And of course, I’m a marathoner so speed for me is like a 10K. But the focus will definitely be speed and potentially roll that into a fall marathon.

And until I start my marathon training, we’ll [Jenny Simpson & Emma Coburn] do our long runs together because they both do great long runs. Maybe sometimes their longer track sessions will be a shorter track session for me.



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    you should create a facebookpage where you link to every new news article. love what you are doing keep it up. merry christmas! hope you are having a great holiday!

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