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Bernard Lagat

March 21, 2014

This Runner’s World interview has lots of good info on Bernard Lagat’s training:

We do longer stuff now than before, like a 13-mile run, averaging 5:20 a mile. The first mile would be around 5:45, then getting faster as you go. We do tempo runs that are longer, too. I used to do a five-mile tempo run, but now I do eight. On the track, we incorporate things like 1,000m repetitions. When we come down to my speciality, which is like 700m reps and down, 600s, 500s, 300s, I am good. We try to replicate a race as much as possible, and make the rest even shorter. Hard workouts with a shorter rest is like a race.

I do core exercises, which are very important, just once a week. I don’t do any weights, but at home I just do body-weight exercises.

I do longer tempo runs, but I also do faster three-mile tempo runs. Those are great for maintaining the speed. At the same time, we go to the track and are doing 200s, which are crazy fast: like 25 seconds, with one minute rest. Those are quick, so that is how I maintain my speed all the time.

In the winter, it peaks at around 70 or 75 miles a week. In the summer I come down to 50 or 45.

I think I’m the only athlete that takes more than four weeks. I take five. I do nothing, just eating and playing with my children.


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