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Mo Farah — marathon training

March 21, 2014

Runner’s World published a long article about Mo Farah’s marathon training.  Here are a few excerpts:

Though Farah’s mileage remains at 120–125 per week on land, he supplements it with another 25 miles on the underwater and antigravity (AlterG) treadmills.

“Now, he will only run slower than 6-minute pace if he is really tired,” says Salazar, before correcting himself. “Actually, he and Galen [Rupp] average 5:30 minutes-per-mile easy-day pace–not the first mile, but when they get into it.”

Farah has responded to the uptick in tempo by completing some of the best workouts of his life, including 12 miles at 4:48 pace. By December, he hadn’t run farther than 20 miles in a single practice, but was adding long tempo runs at 2:05 marathon pace to his training diet.

The day before the workout of 200s, Farah attacked reps of 185-pound squats and dead lifts on the top floor of the Bo Jackson Sports Center.


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