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Yuki Kawauchi

March 21, 2014

In this Athletics Illustrated interview, Yuki Kawauchi offers some insight into his marathon training:

Usually I don’t do any speed training. Even with the two point sessions per week, mostly I don’t run faster than three minute kilometres, except the final speed-up part in final 1-2km. I tend to cut the recovery time off in the interval training. Also, my basic five jogging days in a week, I don’t do even any wind-sprint after jogging. It is composed of jogging and simple strength training for 15 minutes.

Actually I use the Lydiard training principle, but I don’t do all of them in practice. In fact, Lydiard has stated “It is more effective to have continuous run than dividing into small amounts and run little by little”, but not ”It is enough good to have one run in a day” like my style.  As I know, he also stated it is better to have a supplemental run in the morning.

But, I need to focus on a “single session” in a day in order to have a long continuous run with my full-time working context. In fact, I think I can build and maintain “a base of volume” with this “single session” training. Therefore, I do (still small amount of) speed training only right before speed-racing like 1500m and 5000m, and its aim is just to remember the rhythm and sense of race-speed. In fact, I ran with 3’50 for 1500m, and 13’58 for 5000m a week after marathon race.

I think it is more correlative between my frequent participation and rather having only one or two intense training sessions including speed work in a week than not running speed work.

Actually most of my racing is a part of my training. I have been having high-quality training in the races than training alone. I believe that there are a large amount of advantages that never happen when I train alone and help me a lot, such as traffic control, timing by official, water station, cheering, and spectators.

Usually my weekly volume is about 80-100 miles.



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