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Wilson Kipsang

September 29, 2014

On his personal blog, former marathon world record holder Wilson Kipsang posted a sample training week:

6.30AM – 18km fast under 3.30 pace. (M+60 pace) Evening 40 minutes easy

9.00AM – track session 10*1000 under 2.50 (about HM pace).

6.00AM – 1hr 10min easy almost 16km.
Afternoon – gym

9.00AM – speed work fartlek of 2 minutes fast 1 minutes easy 20 times.
Evening (around 4.30pm) – 50 minutes easy.

Morning – 1 easy run 4.00 pace per km.
Afternoon – exercises. in gym.

6.00AM – 35KM long run, time of 1hr 54minutes (M+32 pace, M+11%).

Separately, on Letsrun, Renato Canova posted a sample 2 week program, suitable for a large group of elite Kenyan marathoners:

Tuesday : Track for 12-14 km at high intensity

Thursday : Fartlek at LOW intensity (it’s possible to run 30 times 1′ fast at 3′ per km pace alternating with 1′ easy, finishing 1 hour with 17 km (M+60 avg), but also with 19 km (M+20 avg), and the “schedule” is Always 1 hour fartlek with 30 x 1′ / 1′)

Saturday : 35 km long run fast (95-97% of MP)

Next week :

Tuesday : Track for 9 kms at medium intensity

Thursday : Tough fartlek with 20 x 1’/1′ + 20 x 30″/30″, with fast recovery (in this case, for an athlete as Wilson, about 19 km)

Saturday : Long run 35-40 km at 85% MP (for example, if the preious Sat they run 35 km in 1:52, next Sat they run 40 km in 2:14)


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