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Patrick Makau

April 9, 2015

Here are some details on Patrick Makau’s marathon training:

Makau – My preparation for the next marathon starts after having had a month-long break after the just-completed marathon. I rest, enjoy some of the foods I can’t eat while in the marathon training and I spend time with friends and family. I even pack on a few kilograms and just let my body recover.

Then in my early build-up I run just 40km per week for four weeks before moving on to my 12-week long marathon training of 210km per week (11 sessions, Sunday off), with me cutting mileage to 160km for period of two weeks before a competition. In a race week, I tend to run 65km plus marathon distance.

The pace of my long runs tends to be around 7-10% slower than my marathon pace; my 1,000m intervals vary from 2:35 min/km to 2:55 min/km, while fartlek sessions are often run on feeling, with the pace difference between fast and slow segments being around 1 min/km.


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